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We build

We build and maintain an optimally sited Renovus Community Solar array in your area. This delivers electric power to your local utility.


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You sign up for Renovus Community Solar & pick a plan that meets up to 100% of your electricity needs with solar.


You Save

You receive credits directly on your electric bill for the solar power produced, saving you money.

How much will Renovus Community Solar save me?

How much will Renovus Community Solar save me?

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Your contract is only for one year but there is no reason you can't choose a solar powered life! If you do, this is how the benefits stack up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for pay-as-you-go community solar?

Everyone who pays a residential electricity bill in upstate New York is eligible.

Your income doesn’t matter, your roof doesn’t matter, your credit doesn’t matter, & you can be a renter. All you need is to be an electricity customer & want to save money. *Must meet some NY State Community Solar program requirements.

How is it different than rooftop solar?

Instead of buying panels, you’re buying power.

Traditionally you buy solar panels that go on your roof, for an upfront investment. With pay-as-you-go community solar you simply purchase solar electricity each month from our solar farms, instead of electricity from the utility company.

Do I have to own my home?

Nope — you just need to pay a residential electricity bill in upstate New York.

Community solar is solar without a rooftop. The power comes from our local community solar farms & is attached to your bill, not your roof.

Where does the power come from

The electricity comes from Renovus Solar’s local community solar farms.

We’re a locally owned & operated company with over a decade of experience in the clean energy industry.

Who owns the solar panels?

We do.

Renovus Solar owns the entire solar farm, panels included, with the support of a financial partner.

How much does it cost?

It costs 10% less than what the utility company charges for electricity.

Plans are based on a subscriber’s average annual electricity needs and will vary per customer based on size & rate.

How long is my plan for?

Pay-as-you-go Community Solar plans are 1-year long.

They automatically renew each year, at a 10% discount below market utility rates. You’ll have the option to opt out or adjust the amount at the end of your contract.

What size plan do I need?

It depends on how much electricity you use.

We’ll review your historical electricity usage to recommend a plan that meets 100% of your annual electricity needs with solar power.

What if my actual electricity usage is different than my solar plan?

Don’t worry, you’re still connected to the grid.

If you end up using less electricity than your solar plan, you’ll end up with leftover electricity credits on your account that will 'rollover' to be used in the future. If you use more electricity, then you’ll owe the utility the difference.

What part of my electricity can I get from Renovus Community Solar?

You can get 100% of your power from solar.

Pay-as-you-go community solar plans are designed to cover 100% of your electricity needs. You will still pay the utility a meter fee to be connected to the grid & natural gas service if you have it.

When will I start getting solar power?

As soon as the first community solar farms are constructed.

We are constructing the community solar farms to meet the needs of these new subscribers. You will start to receive solar power as soon as the farm where your power will come from is connected to the utility grid & generating power. We expect the first farms to come online this fall.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, but why would you want to?

You can choose not to renew your 1-year contract without penalty. If you choose to end your contact early, you will face an early termination fee. If you move within the same utility zone, you can simply transfer your plan to your new address. If you move outside the zone we may be able to transfer you contract to one of our other farms in another zone.



Keep track of your solar savings

With MyOwnCleanEnergy™ you have 24/7 access to your Renovus Community Solar system, providing realtime production performance and instant savings reports. All at your fingertips!

  • Production monitoring
  • On-bill crediting
  • Report generation
  • Environmental footprint
  • Message Center
  • Live alerts
  • Current forecast
  • Mobile/Desktop access

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